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29.09.2011, 17:07
In main subject of light bulbs in Cruze,
yesterday i made myself a specification list of existing bulbs in european versions of Chevrolet Cruze.
I believe that completely same bulbs are in Australian Holden Cruze as well as in Daewoo Lacetti Premiere.
Our manuals made by GM don't contain these important informations and many ppl is asking about it,
so i think it's good thing to have them all in one place on list.


Cruze HB - Rear indicator signals = PY21W

From MY2012 Signal Side Indicator Light (W5W) became Orange instead of White colour of bulb.

Only well-known to me diffrences in bulb's size between european and others versions of Cruze are:

-H13 as High/Low Beam Headlight bulb in U.S. version

-H11 as Front Fog Light bulb for russian version

06.10.2011, 01:42
Also if anyone knows any more diffrences between bulbs from other Cruze versions, plz put it here.

Just notice that this table contains bulb's size named by european norms,
i mean that for example:
W5W = T10=168/194, W10W = T20=175,H8 = 9007, WY21W = 992 (7440A), etc.
Same bulbs but diffrent names in regional codes.

09.02.2013, 00:50
Спецификация ламп, переведена на русский (http://www.chevrolet-cruze-club.ru/forum/showpost.php?p=602114&postcount=4)

18.02.2013, 10:06
Thanks... I like this forum very much because its very informative...